Lynn Merrill and her guide dog climb the highest mountain in Maine, and Covid-19 information from some guide dog training centres

First, we hear from Lynn Merrill, treasurer of Guide Dog Users Inc., about how she and her guide dog successfully climbed the highest mountain in the state of Maine.

Next, we share messages from three guide dog training centres about the care of your dog during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Psychiatric Service Dogs

This month we feature a presentation which was originally given last July at the convention of Guide Dog Users Incorporated. Veronica Morris talks about how her psychiatric service dog helps her to cope with her ongoing mental illnesses. We thought we would play this because January 31st is Bell Let’s Talk Day.

We finish the half-hour with an article written by Devon’s guide dog called ‘A Frankie assessment of service dog training.’

Tips and Tricks for the Holidays, and Appropriate Toys.

First, we hear an article by guide dog handler and Labrador breeder Patti Ellis which contains a whole list of Yuletide reminders that dog owners should keep in mind.  Next, Wendy Campbell, a groomer at one of Peterborough, Ontario’s PetValu Store, talks to us about toys that are appropriate to various sizes and breeds of dogs.

Minimizing risk for assistance dogs from household products

This month, we hear a presentation from Dr. Nicole Constantine the owner of Charleston Veterinary House Calls. She offers suggestions on how to minimize risks to assistance dogs from household products.

Guide Dog Training from South Africa to Canada.

This month’s feature guest is Msindisi Bunguza, who became a guide dog trainer in his native South Africa, and is currently working at Canadian Guide Dogs for The Blind near Ottawa, ON.

New regulations for United States airlines, a mysterious disease, and Canadian Guide Dogs for The Blind.

We begin by hearing a couple of brief articles: the first regarding regulations aimed at airlines in the United States, and the other warning dog owners in Norway about a mysterious disease.  Next, we talk with Steve Doucette from Canadian Guide Dogs for The Blind about present and future plans for the training program.

The 20th anniversary weekend of Guide Dog Users of Canada

This month, we hear a chat with Patti Ellis and Sue Neveu, organizers of Guide Dog Users of Canada’s AGM and conference.  The event is scheduled for September 19 to 22.  Weather permitting, many of the activities will take place in the great outdoors, because this 20th anniversary weekend will be held at the Canadian National Institute for The Blind’s Lake Joseph Centre in the beautiful Muskoka region of Ontario.

The Green Silk Scarf Project

At the Top Dog conference in January of this year, the underlying theme was mutual understanding and respect among people who use guide, hearing, or service dogs. This month, we speak with Brad Morris from his home near Charleston, South Carolina, who has come up with a method for people to indicate that they agree with having mutual respect. He calls the innovation the Green Silk Scarf Project.