Thank You, Patriots, Part 1.

Prior to the pandemic, several affiliates of Guide Dog Users Inc—GDUI used to organize mid-Winter weekends called Top Dogs. The theme of the last weekend was Thank You. This session is called Thank You, Patriots. In Part 1, we hear how instrumental veterans from World War 2 were in the establishment of both The Seeing Eye and the Guide Dog Foundation.

Pet Dental Health Awareness Month.

February is Pet Dental Health Awareness Month. we’re going to hear excerpts from a webinar, sponsored by the Animal Medical Centre of New York, presented by Dr. Jordan Ford, who will be talking to us about parodontal disease in pets. It’s a subject that should be of particular interest to those of us with guide, hearing, and service dogs.

Global Affairs.

Have you ever wondered how training is carried out at guide dog training centres around the world? During the July, 2021 convention of Guide Dog Users Inc., GDUI, attendees were treated to a panel discussion called Global Affairs. Panelists included Diane Bergeron from CNIB Guide Dogs in Canada, David Loughlin from Leader Dogs, and Luca Frank from The Seeing Eye, and longtime representative from the International Guide Dog Federation__IGDF. This is a half-hour of highlights from this discussion.

Spotlight on Assistance Dogs, November, 2021

This month, we hear Part 2 of an address given by Guide Dog Mobility Instructor and Tellington Touch practitioner Jane Madigan from the Ottawa area. She was speaking to attendees of the most recent AGM and conference of Guide Dog Users of Canada. Hertopic was how to get rid of anxiety in your dog.

Spotlight on Assistance Dogs, October, 2021.

In this month’s edition, we hear part 1 of an address that Tellington Touch practitioner and Guide Dog Mobility Instructor Jane Madigan gave to attendees of the virtual conference and Annual General Meeting of Guide Dog Users of Canada. Jane is originally from England. She worked with horses in New Zealand prior to moving to the Ottawa area, and founding Inspired K9’s.

Commemoration and Celebration.

Shortly after the horrific events of September 11 of 2001, Michael Gaither wrote a song which described how a guide dog named Roselle led her handler, Michael Hingson and others who had been blinded by the choking smoke out of the World Trade Center.  We begin by pausing respectfully to hear that song.

Next, we celebrate Guide Dogs for The Blind’s 90-year anniversary by speaking with Ivy Temple from England about how instructing handlers has evolved from residential training to training out of hotels.

Six Signs Your Dog is Overheating; Update on The International Association of Assistance Dog Partners—IAADP.

In keeping with the extremely hot temperatures here in the northern hemisphere, we begin with an article listing six signs that your dog is overheating and what you can do to combat the potentially deadly effects of heat stroke or heat exhaustion.

Next, I chat with Megan Kennedy, treasurer of the International Association of Assistance Dog Partners—IAADP to find out what has been happening with the organization over the past couple of years.

Celebrating International Assistance Dog Week early.

International Assistance Dog Week is the first full week of August, but we’re celebrating early this year by featuring an interview that Marcie Davis, founder of International Assistance Dog Week did with Laura Watamanuk, Executive Director of PADS—Pacific Assistance Dog Society in Burnaby, British Columbia.

The Upcoming Convention of Guide Dog Users Inc.

This month, I speak with Sarah Calhoun, president of Guide Dog Users Inc. about the group’s second virtual convention which will take place in mid July.  And guess what.  You don’t have to be a paid-up member to listen in.

I also announce a new E-mail address for the show: