Guide dog camps and Leader Dogs

We begin this edition with three very time-sensitive announcements about what are being called guide dog camps. Next, we hear an interview with Keith McGregor, director of the training program for Deafblind clients at Leader Dogs in Rochester, Michigan.

Series of Conference Calls on Guide Dog Training Programs, and Another Incident About a Ridesharing Company

Heather Bird from the New York Association of Guide Dog Users talks to us about a series of conference calls outlining training programs. Next, we hear an article recounting yet another incident where a driver of ridesharing company refuses to take a woman and her guide dog.

Coalition of People Who Use Guide and Service Dogs in Canada and Museum About The Dog

We speak first with Heather Walkus, co-founder of The Coalition of People Who Use Guide and Service Dogs in Canada. Next, we hear an article about the re-opening of a museum about the dog.

New CNIB training program and “Is My Dog Crazy?”

Devon chats with Victoria Nolan from the new CNIB guide dog training program. We also hear an article called “Is Your Dog Crazy? 22 Strange Dog Behaviors Explained” by Marissa Leotaud.

Discussion of Top Dog Conference 2019

Devon chats with the organizers of a conference called Top Dog, which is taking place in Charleston, South Carolina in January 2019. The conference features several presentations on guide dogs.