Six Signs Your Dog is Overheating; Update on The International Association of Assistance Dog Partners—IAADP.

In keeping with the extremely hot temperatures here in the northern hemisphere, we begin with an article listing six signs that your dog is overheating and what you can do to combat the potentially deadly effects of heat stroke or heat exhaustion.

Next, I chat with Megan Kennedy, treasurer of the International Association of Assistance Dog Partners—IAADP to find out what has been happening with the organization over the past couple of years.

Celebrating International Assistance Dog Week early.

International Assistance Dog Week is the first full week of August, but we’re celebrating early this year by featuring an interview that Marcie Davis, founder of International Assistance Dog Week did with Laura Watamanuk, Executive Director of PADS—Pacific Assistance Dog Society in Burnaby, British Columbia.

The Upcoming Convention of Guide Dog Users Inc.

This month, I speak with Sarah Calhoun, president of Guide Dog Users Inc. about the group’s second virtual convention which will take place in mid July.  And guess what.  You don’t have to be a paid-up member to listen in.

I also announce a new E-mail address for the show:

Guide Dogs for The Blind Collaborate on Video for Airline Staff; Hats Off to International Guide Dogs Federation.

First, we listen to a portion of a press release about a training video put together by Guide Dogs for The Blind and The Seeing Eye for the benefit of employees of both Alaska Airlines and United Airlines.  Next, we listen to the audio described video itself.  Finally, we tip our hat to the International Guide Dog Federation on its 90th anniversary.

Safe Winter Travelling, Part 2

Picking up from where we left off last month, Michael Goehring and I continue our discussion about travelling safely in Winter conditions. Mike, who is a guide dog mobility instructor with Guiding Eyes talks about protecting your dog’s ears from frostbite, and keeping your white cane in your back pack to be used as a probe when everything is covered with snow.

Travelling Safely in Winter with Your Dog.

Michael Goehring, a guide dog mobility instructor with Guiding Eyes for The Blind may live in Arizona now, but he most definitely remembers what it’s like trying to get around in Winter conditions. This is the first part of a chat which focuses mainly on keeping your dog safe and warm.

Blind Justice from March 11, 1951

When technology doesn’t work for you the way you expected to, old-time radio will, especially when it relates to guide dogs. Here, from March 11, 1951 is an episode of Tales of The Texas Rangers from March 11, 1951 called Blind Justice.

My First Christmas at Rainbow Bridge, Ophthalmo at Rainbow Bridge, and ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas, Guide Dog Edition.

We begin this half-hour by listening to a poem called My First Christmas at Rainbow Bridge. Next, we listen to a short story by yours truly called Ophthalmo at The North Pole. Finally, we listen to ‘Twas The Night Before Christmas, Guide Dog Edition.

Gallant Hearts Training Centre.

Gallant Hearts Training Centre is one of the newer guide dog schools. I chat with co-founder Becky Floyd about about her lifelong interest in guide dogs, and the interesting breeds that Gallant Heart specializes in.